Memories of Crow

Visit brinewood

Brinewood was considered a fairly prosperous village thanks to the Ebonstone Quarry nearby bringing a lot of profit. Located on the southern coast of Mervè, it didn't have many visitors except for the navy coming to purchase new shipments, and then one day a charcoal burner's kids found a drowner. 

meet vix

Nearly dead by the time they reached the village, the man took a long while to recover. And once he finally woke up, the world he was part of wasn't the one that he saw outside. 

Vix knows not who he is nor where he came from. Thrown into the middle of close-knit group of villagers, he works to gain their trust and their help in discovering the truth behind the events that left him empty. As he battles physio-arcane injuries, he slowly learns of people and places that once defined him, now barely an echo of his old personality.

Dive into a new world

Embark on a journey through the country of Mervè, as Vix attempts to gather the seedlings of his memories. Together with him, learn the ideas behind human nature and what it means to be a person.

Immerse yourself in this extensive world, governed both by laws of physics and magic. Explore the countless islands of Mervè, investigate the ruins of a civilization long gone, and help us lay the cornerstone for the future works.