Content warnings

This is an overview of themes and topic touched by the world and its stories. This is made so adults can decide on their own if they're suitable audience for our projects. As we continue our journey, this page may be further modified.

• Visual representation of violent actions, involving humanoid and non-humanoid characters. 
• Depictions of combat scenarios, with or without bodily harm.
• Depictions of blood, wounds, scars and mild or non-gory bodily mutilation.
• Situations representing or hinting at abuse and related themes: manipulation, gaslighting, physical abuse. 
• Abusive situations are used as a form of storytelling and never glorified. 
• Depictions or dialogue may include crude and adult jokes, including sexual references and situations.
• Explicit and frequent use of words commonly seen as vulgar or blasphemous.
• Fictional profanity, using constructed languages.
• Brief or mild depictions of nudity.
• [Extras] Graphic or prolonged depictions of nudity.
• Suggestive themes.
• Dialogue or hints related to sexual topics.
• [Extras] Graphic or prolonged depictions of sexual acts.
• [Extras] Brief or mild depictions of sexual violence.
• [Extras] Depictions or dialogue touching on extensive sexual themes, including fetishes, interracial sex, mixed gender sex, topics of consent and sexual abuse.
• Depictions or dialogue related to fictional discrimination of ethnic, nationalistic, religious or sexual manner.
• Depictions or dialogue related to fictional gambling.


Due to terms and regulations of publicly available content providers, we're not able to publish our stories as they were made. Certain explicit content will be censored in public versions and its script modified to hint or flat out provide necessary information without breaking those terms.

As we're not legally eligible for verifying the age of our visitors, such explicit content will be provided on two platforms - Patreon and Subscribe Star - as Level 2* subscription and will be released as story progresses, in relevant places.

* Level 1 will stay SFW for those who simply want to support without being bombarded by explicit content.